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Fifty distinguished Tennessee College of Applied Technology -Jacksboro students were inducted into the National Technical Honor Society on Thursday, April 18th, 2019. The purpose of the National Technical Honor Society is to promote student excellence and leadership in career and technical education and to recognize educational achievements. Further, TCAT-Jacksboro acknowledges students strong in worker character skills, such as:  exhibiting leadership and initiative; being timely; taking pride in your work; using team skills; using proper attitudes; exampling quality of work;  following instructions;  being at work dependably; being honest and responsible; maintaining composure and self- control; and maintaining professional dress. The induction ceremony was held at LaFollette United Methodist Church. Advisor Chandy Hensley greeted the students and 100 plus guests. The LaFollette Boy Scout Troop #310 provided a special ceremony and presentation of colors and pledge of allegiance. President Debbie Petree, the keynote speaker, congratulated the students on their outstanding achievements and challenged them in their future endeavors to strive for continued success.  Faculty and staff members present: Leann Adkins, Kelli Shipley and Tim Smith who assisted in the induction ceremony. Other faculty members in attendance were Zach Baughcum, Brian Ferguson and Jeffrey Matlock. The following students were honored: Alexcis Allen,Lance Amburgey, Elizabeth Amos, Aaron Atkins, Ramona Atkins, Kaylee Baitinger, Makenzie Boshears, Kevin Braden, Pascah Brandenburg, Alexis Buell, Reba Click, Autumn Cobb, James Daugherty, Rachel Davis, Mackenzie Duncan, Jacob Foust, Christopher Gambrell, Andrew Gillenwater, Clifford Gerrish, Kaylee Goins,Rebecca Groshon, Molly Heck, Hanna King, Dannie Lacy, Doris Mabe, Sunshine Matlock, Katelyn McCarty, Karalee Michael, Amanda Overbay, Jessica Padgett, Andrew Petree, Candace Petree, Christopher Powell, Kristen Raynor,  Kelby Roark, Autumn Rutherford, Paul Schneider, Preston Smith, Rachel Snyder, Gage Stacy, Jeff Swain, Keerstin Taylor, Brittany Terry, Aaron Tuttle, Matt Valandingham, Amy Vincent, Amy Webber,Rex Welch, Jodi Wilson and Joshua Wilson.