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The Outstanding Technical Student of the Year program is a statewide program developed to honor excellence in technical skill and personal achievement among Tennessee College of Applied Technology students. This essential program seeks to spotlight the role of technical education in Tennessee and to celebrate the success of our students. The program provides the opportunity for students to excel in communication and leadership abilities through a speech and an interview competition. Over the program, the students compose and craft a speech, learn speech delivery techniques and practice speeches in the community and with their college.


This is the tenth year for the TCAT Outstanding Technical Student of the Year programs. The first phase of this program takes place at the local level.  Screening and selection committees will select the TCAT’s top student as nominees move through an interview process.  This top student will be given the title of Tennessee College of Applied Technology - Jacksboro Outstanding Technical Student of the Year Winner and will represent their fellow students and community in the regional competition.  All TCAT winners will compete at the regional-level.  Nine regional winners will move on to compete at the state level in April. From this outstanding group of students, the judges will select one student, the State Outstanding Technical Student of the Year Winner, to serve as an ambassador for technical education in Tennessee. This student will travel across the state speaking at various business and industry meetings, community organizations meetings, board meetings, and state conferences.


The Tennessee College of Applied Technology in Jacksboro held its screening and selection on Friday, November 10th. We had the honor to work with five exceptional students competing in this year’s competition. We are proud to announce our college Outstanding Technical Student winner as Joseph Lowe, who is a Computer Information Technology student. Congratulations, Joseph! We are proud of you and all of your achievements.