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Forty-One distinguished Tennessee College of Applied Technology -Jacksboro students were inducted into the National Technical Honor Society on Thursday, April 6th, 2017. The purpose of the National Technical Honor Society is to promote student excellence and leadership in career and technical education and to recognize educational achievements. Further, TCAT-Jacksboro acknowledges students strong in worker character skills, such as:  exhibiting leadership and initiative; timeliness; taking pride in your work; using team skills; using proper attitudes; exampling quality of work;  following instructions;  being at work dependably; being honest and responsible; maintaining composure and self- control; and maintaining professional dress. The induction ceremony was held at LaFollette United Methodist Church. Advisor Chandy Hensley greeted the students and 100 plus guests. The LaFollette Boy Scout Troop #310 provided a special ceremony and presentation of colors and pledge of allegiance. Director Debbie Petree congratulated the students on their outstanding achievements and challenged them in their future endeavors to strive for continued success. Clint Powers, TN. College Post– Secondary Vice President for TCAT – Jacksboro, addressed the students and encouraged them to continue to strive for excellence just as they have applied to their commitments in college. The keynote speaker was Chelle Travis, Assistant Vice Chancellor with the Tennessee Board of Regents.  She encouraged the students that no matter what obstacles life may present, your passions will help you prevail. Additionally, she urged the inductees to continue in their development of leadership abilities and desire for a continued thirst for learning. Faculty and staff members Leann Adkins, Camilla Gambrel, Tony Hamblin, and Phillip Lay assisted in the induction ceremony. Other faculty members in attendance were Michael Hurt, Teresa Nelson and Betty Leach. The following students were honored: Mallory Adkins, Haley Baird, Brandi Bays, Cody Bell, Barry Black, Zandra Bolinger, Nicholas Brown, Laura Brown, Rocco Caiata, Madison Conrad, Kendra Critchett, Josh Davis, Kayla Fortenberry, Kaitlyn Glandon, Robyn Glandon, Jana Hale, Rebakah Harness, Destini Heidle, Emily Jeffords, Tiffany Jeffries, Natalie Monday- King, Stephen Long, Joseph Lowe, Eric Mack, Tara Mardis, Luke Marlow, Martha Martin, Shawn McCormick, Kayla McNew, Dustin Perkins, Larissa Petree, Mikayla Pierce, Lakisha Prewitt, Cassidy Queener, Taylor Raynor, Daniel Smith, Susie Sweat, Crystal Thacker, Faron Thompson, Jennifer Walker, Jon Welch.